Accessibility Statement

QTG is committed to providing excellent service and products to all users, regardless of technology or ability. Since 2010, QTG has been constantly improving in its effort to allow more users to access our website:

Managed by in-house counsels, together with third party testing and mutual supervision, we are able to continually seek out solutions to improve on the design and quality of the web access. For the ease of access, our website currently encompasses such features:

  • Provides alternative images that assist users to better view pictures and provides text descriptions for non-text elements.
  • Displays links to additional information title attribute and provides instructions for a new browser window.
  • Adopts structural highlights for the title attributes, and through the list guides the users to understand the web structure. *Note that there are use of tabs in forms.
  • Presents all the data unit and heading in the same data table.
  • Uses JavaScript and sample forms to improve the site appearance and functions. In the event that such technology cannot be used, an alternative content of comparable standards shall be used to replace.
  • At the current stage, QTG is working on constructing the embedded and multimedia files. After the completion of the construction, we will provide a reasonable alternative format for users upon request.

While we continually perfect the functions of the website, we will be providing periodical updates to the Accessibility Policy Statement to allow all users to understand our progress at different time points. Should you have any questions or concerns, please fill in the feedback form to contact us directly. We look forward to your valuable feedback.